Internet where the other guys can't (or won't) reach

BreezeAir utilizes Fiber Optic and Fixed Wireless technologies to bring high-speed Internet to rural/remote areas of Blount and Loudon Counties in Tennessee.

Fiber Optic

Our Fiber Optic Internet Service utilizes advanced fiber optic technology for the ultimate in speed and reliability.

Our fiber optic network relies upon High-Speed fiber optic lines we install throughout our service area. 

When you sign up for service we extend a fiber optic line directly to your home and connect you to our network..

Our Fiber Optic Service features speeds up to 1000 Mbps / 1 Gig.

Fixed Wireless

Our Fixed Wireless Network utilizes wireless towers to deliver high speed Internet service to areas where no cable or fiber optic network exists.

Our wireless network provides Internet service to remote areas and places where “the other guys” won’t or simply can’t build out their cable network.

BreezeAir’s wireless connections are achieved through installing a small radio on your home pointed at one of our nearby towers to create a strong and secure connection to the internet.