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No bundles, no contracts, unlimited data.

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We provide affordable, High-Speed Internet in places DSL and Cable can’t reach. Plus, if you’re looking to “cut the cord”, our no bundles/no contracts service is streamlined for you.

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BreezeAir Fiber is here!

BreezeAir Fiber Internet Service is coming in December 2020. Get the ultra-fast Internet speeds that fiber provides. Visit our Fiber Internet Service page to see our service areas and pricing:

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No Contracts

We provide our service on a month-to-month basis. You're free to cancel your service at any time.

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Your subscription to BreezeAir Broadband includes free installation and setup of our equipment.

Unlimited Data

Browse the Internet, watch videos, and more knowing we provide you with unlimited data.

Locally Owned and Operated with Professional Service and Support since 2007

Friendsville Road

Fiber Internet service map for Friendsville Road: