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$ 55
00 Per Month
  • 100 Mbps Download
  • 100 Mbps Upload
  • Unlimited Bandwidth


$ 70
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  • 300 Mbps Download
  • 300 Mbps Upload
  • Unlimited Bandwidth


$ 85
00 Per Month
  • 500 Mbps Download
  • 500 Mbps Upload
  • Unlimited Bandwidth


$ 100
00 Per Month
  • 1000 Mbps Download
  • 1000 Mbps Upload
  • Unlimited Bandwidth

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The $99 standard installation includes up to 300 feet of fiber optic cable from the main road to your house. Any distance over 300 feet is billed at 50 cents per foot, this includes aerial fiber or fiber installed using a vibratory plow.

If your electric utilities pass under a driveway we will have to bore under the driveway at an extra charge of $50

If your electric utilities pas under a sidewalk we will have to bore under the sidewalk at an extra charge of $30

The installation consists of two steps performed on two different days.

Step 1 – We install the fiber optic cable from the main road to an enclosure mounted on your house near your Fort Loudoun Electric power meter. We will have the underground utilities marked by the utility locator service with red spray paint in advance of this step. We install the fiber following the same route as your power lines. If you have underground utilities, we will plow in your fiber with a vibratory plow. While this method does not create an open trench, it does disturb the soil and may cause tire marks on your lawn. If your utilities cross under a driveway or sidewalk, we will need to bore under these obstacles which may require some trenching. Some underground installations may not be possible under certain conditions such as rugged or steep terrain, rocky soil, etc. You do not need to be home for this step.

Step 2 – At a later date we will call you to schedule the installation of your Internet Service, which involves running an ethernet cable from the outside fiber enclosure into you house where it will connect to your wireless router. You must provide your own wireless router, and our technician will configure it for you on the day of your installation. We are not allowed to enter crawl spaces or attics which means the ethernet cable usually enters the house through an exterior wall into an inside room. If you would like to route your cable in a different manner, we will drop off the proper length of cable in advance of the installation .



Friendsville Road

Fiber Internet service map for Friendsville Road:

Highway 72 South

Fiber Internet service map for Highway 72 South:

Marble Hill - Cloyds Church

Fiber Internet service map for Marble Hill – Cloyds Church:

Meadow Road

Fiber Internet service map for Meadow Road: